Snowshoeing Walks

I started walking in 1999, started really walking over the following few years, and added hiking when I moved to Boulder in 2002. Mom got me snowshoes for Christmas in 2003, so now I can walk almost anywhere!

This is a listing of my snowshoeing walks. Non-alpine walks are categorized as metropolitan if they're in a big city, open space recreational if they're a regular occurence, or special event if they're extraordinary.

Rocky Mountain National Park

2 January 2004

RMNP: Phong Snowshoeing 2 Jan 2004 1024x768
RMNP: Matthew Snowshoeing 2 Jan 2004 1024x768

My first walk on snowshoes was with my friend Phong on 2 January 2004. We drove out to Rocky Mountain National Park during an accumulation winter snow warning. The walk was absolutely fantastic! We walked about 6 miles roundtrip, but it took almost the entire afternoon. Part of the walk was on packed trails, but we got to plow through a few inches of powder too! I can't wait to go again.