Open Space and Recreational Walks

This is a listing of my favorite outdoor (open space) recreational walks. The criteria for a standard Open Space Recreational Walk is that I've done it at least ten times and it's not in a big city. Other walks are metropolitan or special event.

Fire Island National Seashore

Long Island, NY

October - November 1999 and March - May 2000

Fire Island lighthouse October 1999 640x480

When I was on Long Island the first time, I was pretty scared of driving. Eventually, my coworkers and my brother convinced me to get out more often. Of all the beaches I visited along the Ocean Parkway, Fire Island National Seashore is definitely my favorite. While the walk isn't particularly long, the scenery is quite beautiful, and I enjoyed walking along the beach and the Federally Funded Boardwalk during my time in Long Island both in the summer and fall of 1999 and the spring of 2000. It was during my second time in Long Island that my walking program showed definite success.

Scotts Bluff National Monument

Gering, NE

1995 - Present

Matthew on Scotts Bluff National Monument
November 1999 480x640
Matthew's Mom on Scotts Bluff National Monument
November 1999 480x640

The best thing about being in shape is that I can walk up Scotts Bluff National Monument. Throughout my high school years, I was never able to walk more than one fourth of the way. Once I got to the bend before the tunnel, it was just too much, and I complained until we turned around. Now, I can walk to the top of Scotts Bluff pretty easily! The main trail, Saddle Rock Trail, is 1.6 miles one way with an elevation climb of about 800 feet. From my family's front door in Gering, NE, to the top of the Monument and back is about 9 miles. In the pictures to the left, Mom and I have reached the tunnel, and are about halfway to the top.

Matthew and Matthew's Mom at Scotts Bluff National Monument 22 June 2003 1024x768
Scotts Bluff National Monument 22 June 2003 1024x768
Path from Scotts Bluff National Monument back to Gering 22 June 2003 1024x768

Boulder OSMP: Royal Arch

Boulder, CO

September 2002 - Present

Fire Island lighthouse 29 September 2002 1024x768
Fire Island lighthouse 27 June 2003 1024x768

Not surprisingly, it's very easy to find some very good walks and hikes within walking distance of my apartment in Boulder. The Royal Arch trail is one of my favorite short mountain walks. I usually leave from my front door, walk up to Mesa Trail via Kohler Mesa or NCAR, and then to the Royal Arch trailhead.