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Posted by Matthew

Welcome to the MiniMizark page. My brother, Mizark (not his real name), is much cooler than I am. A genuine Abercrombie and Fitch brand representative, Mizark's real web presence is at www.mizark.com. Mizark's page, however, frequently receives two complaints. The first complaint is that the font size (Arial 3pt) is too small to read. Those who run monitors at 640x480, though, notice that Mizark seems to have spontaneously come into existence circa 1999 with no childhood.

As of June 2003, Mizark is between web servers, so you'll just have to trust me.

Remember, you may click on any image for a much larger printable version!

Posted by RJ Crittenden
1986: The Preschool Years

The truth, ladies and gentlemen, is that Mizark was formerly known as Mark in a previous lifetime. What Mark doesn't tell you on Mizark.com is that he was just as cute as a little kid as he is now. Here, Mark demonstrates the Valentines Day basket headwear concept which was fashionable in 1986.

Posted by M Mettenbaucher
1989: First Grade

Mark's had lots of friends, even since his first day of school! This picture shows Mark and Kody on their way to the first day of First Grade! Mark would spend eleven more years in public education before selecting RIT for his undergraduate degree. Always fashion conscious, even this young Mizark-to-be selected yellow pants and a bright, colorful shirt contrary to the earth tones traditionally worn in school environments.

Posted by T Plotz
1990: Second Grade and Disney World

Mark went to Disney World in Florida for the first time right before he started second grade. His first Disney World breakfast was at the Polynesian resort restaurant. He had the fried Banana French Toast, but wore the eggs while waiting for the food to arrive. Back home, Mark returned to his creative headwear roots. Years later, he purchased an Abercrombie visor.

Posted by M Vandenberg
1991: Third Grade Rock Climbing

Mizark likes cool outdoor sports, especially those which highlight his biceptual abilities. Mark started climbing at a young age, climbing to the top of this snowy rock (jacket unzipped) while in third grade.

Posted by Matthew
1992: Fourth Grade Fishing Trip

While fishing may not be his forte, at least Mark tries everything once before deciding that it just plain sucks. (I got him to play paintball once, too.) In this picture, Mark proudly displays his first fish, caught at Chadron State Park.