Matthew Woitaszek's DigiWalker Pedometer Count

American Heart Association conference in Atlanta in 1999 November 1999 640x480

In November 1999, I attended the American Heart Association's 72nd Scientific Sessions in Atlanta, Georgia. My mother's MS Thesis for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Concordance of Risk Factors in Female Spouses of Male Patients with Coronary Heart Disease, was accepted for publication as a poster presentation. As the only other MS bound individual in the immediate family at the time, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Mom present her research. During the week while I was there, I attended several other interesting sessions, including one that mentioned the pedometer, a device that counts how many steps you take. Mom got me a DigiWalker pedometer for Christmas, and I've been wearing it ever since. It is the foundation of my regular exercise program.

My regular exercise program is a definite success, and the DigiWalker pedometer is a big part of it! For the past several years, I've carefully but casually monitored my walking, and I try really hard to get lots of DigiWalker clicks every day. I consider 15,000 clicks to be my normal minimum, but on a good day, I get about 24,000. For me, there are about 2000 DigiWalker clicks in a mile. Now I've added swimming and hiking to my regular exercise program to round it out a little bit.

Every day, before I go to bed, I write down the DigiWalker count. At the end of the month, I record it in Excel. While I used to plot the data manually, I now export the click counts into a CSV file and feed it into a Python script that uses Matplotlib to create the plots. Both graphs show the average number of DigiWalker clicks per day by month.

Matthew's Digiwalker Count graph
Matthew's Digiwalker Count graph

Personal DigiWalker Statistics

Start Date:25 December 1999
Last Updated:10 August 2010
Total Days:3,882
Total Clicks:62,540,509
Approximate Distance:29,256.64 mi (2.47 feet/click)
Daily Maximum:47875 (15 August 2003)

Walking Program Records

478758/15/2003 NYC: Blackout, Brooklyn Walk
456559/26/2003Bear Peak, University, Mapleton
4238412/13/2003Table Mesa, CU, Pearl Street
4195310/22/2003Bear Peak, CU
415769/12/2003Bear Peak, CU
414457/24/2008Gregory Canyon, Green Mountain, Bear Peak, CU
406976/27/2003Table Mesa, Royal Arch, Pearl Street
4039411/9/2003Fern Canyon, CU
374036/22/2009Crystal City to DC, Crystal City to Huntington
368437/26/2003Table Mesa, Royal Arch
3619012/31/2007San Francisco Bay Bridge to Golden Gate Bridge and Market from Castro
361246/1/2008Green Mountain
3584110/10/2003Fern Canyon, CU
348906/15/2003NCAR, Flatiron access trails
348116/1/2003Table Mesa, Royal Arch
3479112/3/2003Fern Canyon, CU
345554/17/2005Table Mesa, CU