BP Visualization Center Machine Room

Matthew with SGI Onyx 3800 5 February 2003 1024x768

In the spring of 2003, I took Henry Tufo's High Performance Scientific Computing class (CSCI 5676). Dr. Tufo had a 64-node (128-core) Xeon-based cluster housed in the BP Visualization Center machine room on East Campus. At the start of class, Dr. Tufo invited us to the BP Center to see the cluster being assembled.

Also in the BP Visualization Center's machine room were the Silicon Graphics systems used to operate their visualization facilities. Here is the first moden supercomputer system I was ever allowed to touch: a SGI Onyx 3800. Previously, I've been close to a large IBM mainframe and several Tandem NonStop II systems. At the time, the machine room also contained an older SGI Onyx2.

SGI/Cray Onyx2 5 February 2003 1024x768
Matthew with Hemisphere 5 February 2003 1024x768
Matthew with supercomputers 5 February 2003 1024x768