Halloween 2003 Blue Hair Day

Blue hair skateboarder outside the Numerical Analysis Lab 31 October 2003 768x1024
Blue hair skateboarder in the Systems Lab 31 October 2003 768x1024
Blue hair skateboarder in the Systems Lab 31 October 2003 768x1024

The last time I dressed up for Halloween was during the Bush Administration. The first Bush Administration. But when Adam Thodey invited me to his Halloween party—costume required—I decided that I really needed a costume. I decided to dress up as an undergraduate student. Fortunately, there are lots of undergraduate students around the University of Colorado, so it was easy to find a representative sampling to use as inspiration for my costume.

My brother Mark, who was coincidentally an undergraduate student at RIT at the time, let me borrow his big yellow DC shoes and yellow cargo pants. Michael Oberg let me borrow his red enjoiskateboarding hoodie and well-used skateboard. He even helped me learn how to stand on it correctly. (This is hard when you're a respectable Ph.D. student!) After my friend Sam Pan helped me spike my hair blue, my costume was complete!

Sam and I went out to lunch at an upscale Cherry Creek coffee and sandwich shop -- which I now realize was just a Panera but I had never been to one before -- and then I headed back to Boulder. While we were eating, a one woman walked by, stopped suddenly, and remarked "You have blue hair!" I smiled, and she moved on to her table. It was really cool having blue hair and yellow pants while being surrounded by people wearing ties and jackets.

At the University, I fit in perfectly while walking around campus. Lots of people dress like this normally. But when I ran into people who knew me, the reactions were fantastic! Natalie Rooney and Liz Bradley actually did double-takes. When I walked into the Systems Lab, I was an instant spike on the Topological Fun Map. It was also fun sitting through my Computer Science Theory class wearing sunglasses. Later, at the NCAR party, Rich Loft commented that I was finally dressed normally. I have got to spike my hair blue more often.