December 2001 Buffalo Blizzard

Escort buried in snow 28 December 2001 (Ken Woitaszek) 1152x768

Fortunately, I wasn't in Buffalo for the Blizzard of December 2001. I also just missed the Blizzard of November 2000 by about two hours, driving from downtown Buffalo to Rochester as the snow started. I was stuck in Rochester with no snow on the ground for the first half of my Thanksgiving break anyway. For this blizzard, though, I managed to get on the plane before it hit. My car was parked at my father's house and he sent pictures.

After this little storm, anytime it snows I'm entitled to quip, in my best Dustin Hoffman Wag The Dog voice, "This is nothing! You should have seen the snow on my car in Buffalo, New York!"

      Some this morning pictures. Share them with your family.
      A neighbor from down the street came up with his tractor-snowblower
      and helped me get to your car. Please notice the one picture of your
      car with the Elvis haircut. The empty hole in the driveway is where
      your car was parked.
      It has snowed again since these pictures, another 5 inches. 
      Forecasting on and off for the next several days.
Cars buried in snow 28 December 2001 (Ken Woitaszek) 1152x768
Escort, almost unburied 28 December 2001 (Ken Woitaszek) 1152x768