Metrorail Yellow Line

My first experience with highly efficient metropolitan mass transit was with the Long Island Rail Road in June 1999. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has definitely had a profound effect on me, influencing even the name of my personal website. I'm amazed at how transportation authorities, such as the MTA and WMATA, can move hundreds of thousands of people with such precise efficiency and reliability.

In the summer of 2001, I expanded my mass transit experience by becoming a daily commuter on the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority's Metrorail system. I lived at the southern terminal of the Yellow Line in Huntington and worked across the street from the Archives-Navy Memorial station downtown DC. I would like to thank Chris Kipper for taking all of these photographs!

WMATA Yellow Line: Mt. Vernon Square Mt. Vernon Square
The northernmost end of the Yellow Line!
WMATA Yellow Line: Chinatown Gallery Place - Chinatown
Home of many Jackie Chan movies, Chinatown, and transfer point to the Red Line.
WMATA Yellow Line: Archives - Navy Memorial Archives - Navy Memorial
North of the National Mall, the Archives Metro station serves the Justice Department and the FBI.
WMATA Yellow Line: L'Enfant Plaza L'Enfant Plaza
South of the National Mall, L'Enfant Plaza is your transfer point to the Blue and Yellow Lines. L'Enfant Plaza is particularly convenient to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Federal Aviation Administration.
WMATA Green Line: Waterfront Waterfront
Waterfront is not on the Yellow Line! Mr. Kipper and I had become so proficient at hopping on and off trains between doors closing that we got on the wrong train and ended up at Waterfront, which is clearly on the Green Line. Back to the Yellow Line!
WMATA Yellow Line: Pentagon Pentagon
If you have an ID badge, you can go up the escalators.
WMATA Yellow Line: Pentagon City Pentagon City
If you have a credit card, you can go up the escalators.
WMATA Yellow Line: Crystal City Crystal City
More shopping and dining experiences!
WMATA Yellow Line: National Airport National Airport
National Airport is not only an airport, but provides convenient access to the midpoint of the George Washington Parkway and Gravelly Point recreation areas if you can find your way out of the airport and onto the pathway.
WMATA Yellow Line: Braddock Road Braddock Road
Braddock Road is the northernmost Alexandria Metro station, but I never got off there.
WMATA Yellow Line: King Street King Street
King Street is the closest access point to Old Town Alexandria, and the starting point for my 12 mile walk to downtown DC along the George Washington Parkway.
WMATA Yellow Line: Eisenhower Avenue Eisenhower Avenue
Eisenhower Avenue is about 1/4 mile from the King Street Metro Station. Occasionally I'd get off at Eisenhower Avenue and walk down to the waterfront parallel to King Street and then back up King Street to the other Metro station. Eisenhower Avenue is particularly close to the Alexandria US Attorney's Office.
WMATA Yellow Line: Huntington Huntington
This train is now out of service. All passengers, please gather your personal belongings and exit the train. Thank you for riding Metrorail, and have a nice day!