Six Stages of Browser Anxiety

Long Island Technology Center fence October 1999 640x480

I had the pleasure of working with Brian Jorgensen at Imperial Software in Long Island during the end of 1999 and beginning of 2000. Having finished the previous website, we started work on prototyping what was to become with Bob Hawkins, and Brian summarized browser compatibility issues with the Six Stages of Browser Anxiety. As I'm transitioning my website from HTML to XHTML with CSS over three years later, I've found that things are changing, but nothing changes. Brian is also the person who introduced me to Fribble addiction.

The Six Stages of Browser Anxiety

  1. Denial: "This bug can't exist!"
  2. Anger: "What kind of stupid company would release this crappy browser!?"
  3. Loss: "All those hours... wasted."
  4. Anger again: "Dammit all those hours wasted!"
  5. Self-pity: "Why oh why am I a web developer? I should've followed my dream... ballet!"
  6. Acceptance: "Fine. Back to square one. Nothing can stop me!"