Nuclear Missile Silo

The United States Government keeps many of its intercontinental ballistic missiles in underground silos in northeastern Colorado, eastern Wyoming, and southwestern Nebraska. On Colorado State Highway 14, between Raymer and Stoneham, Colorado, and frequently passed on a trip Kimball, NE, and Fort Morgan, Colorado, is a typical missile silo:

Nuclear missile silo in Colorado 28 June 1998 640x480

This missile silo is rather easy to find using overhead imagery provided by Microsoft's TerraServer. Highway 14 between Highway 71 and Highway 52 is only about 7 miles in length and there's only one missile silo along the way. (By demand of Jeremy Harris, I have replaced the old map picture with a map actually containing the missile silo.)

Nuclear missile silo in Colorado
Nuclear missile silo in Colorado

40N 36' 42" Latitude
103W 45' 42" Longitude
USGS Aerial Photo, 10 Oct 1989 via Microsoft TerraServer