Warriors and Heroes Compete For Honors of Patroclos

OUTSIDE TROY (MP)--Many Achian warriors competed yesterday for the prizes of Patrolos' funeral, conducted by Patrocols's best friend Achilles. Competetors participated in chariot racing, boxing, wrestling, foot racing, sword fighting, throwing, archery, and spear casting.

"Very exciting and challenging," an anonymous observer commented. "Those heroes sure are proficient at their athletic endeavours." When asked if he competed at all, the observer answered "No. I cannot even dream of competing with King Menelaos, Achilles, and Diomedes. Maybe after some more practice. They invited everybody to compete, but I preferred watching this time."

Other observers also enjoyed the competition. "It's a needed rest from the strains of battle," one said, even though the games are almost as intense--but not quite as deadly--as the actual battle. Overall, all in attendance appreciated Achilles' show of respect for Patroclos and King Agamemnon. "Finally, Achilles has come to his senses!" admitted one observer. Agamemnon was not about to place any blame for the past several weeks, saying "Just let bygones be bygones. Have a nice day!"

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