Energetic Youth Melanion Distracts Atalanta Into Marriage

HESIOD (MP)--Distracted for just a moment by a golden apple, Atalanta lost the race for the honor of marriage to the intelligent and good-looking local youth Melanion. Menalion now has the opportunity to wed Atalanta at his convenience.

"It was genius, pure and simple," bragged Melanion. "Those golden apples from Aphrodite were just the distraction Atalanta needed to let me win. She really wanted to, you know. After all, I'm just so cute."

Atalanta, the only athletic female in Greece, was is such demand for marriage that she offered her hand only to the man to first beat her in a foot race. Melanion had used the three golden apples provided by Aphrodite to distract Atalanta during the race and secure his victory.

"That rat is just like Discord and her golden apple!" Atalanta said. "I am still in shock that I (gulp) lost! But I actually won because I really wanted to marry him anyway," Atalanta added.

"Those two are in a lot of trouble," according to the Certified Psychic at Oracle International--Delphi Branch. "Both of them think that they are God's gift to the world and much better than everybody else. Hubris, plain and simple. They will do something stupid, really, really stupid, and get into lots of trouble for it. Mark my words."

Mr. Melanion and Mrs. Atalanta Melanion were not available to comment on this predition.

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