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FOR SALE: Girdle of Hippolyta. Very good condition, nearly new. For more information contact Hercules.
MUST GET RID OF FAST: 10,000 lbs. of Betty Crocker's No-Bake Strawberry Ambrosia Cheesecake. Canceled party. Contact the estate of Polydectes immediately!
HAVE NO USE FOR: Armor. Woman's breastplate, shield, and very large spear. Contact Brunhilde.
FOR SALE: Fleece, Golden. Very nice. Novelty collector's item, great gift! Historical implications. Asking weight in gold.

NEED TO BUY GRAPES BY THE LOAD! If you have a vineyard, then your financial troubles are over! My lovely assistants and I are in desperate need of raw materials to produce wine. Contact the Maenad Dionysian Corporation Purchasing Department for more information!
IN THE MARKET FOR CHEMICALS OF ALL KINDS! Dispose of those unwanted carcinogens quickly and easily! Will buy any and all new, old, unused, or waste chemicals. Contact Medea, not the EPA!

WE WANT YOU IN THE ACHIAN ARMY! Serve your country and defend your King's honor. Contact your local Achian Recruiter Office today.
HEFTY IDIOT NEEDED to clean the Augean Stables. Very dirty, but hardly a chore for a intimiadating mammoth like you! Contact Eurystheus to make lots of $$$!
WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY? Sure, we all do. Hello. I'm Sally Struthers, and with my to-go college degree courses you can earn the education you need to succeed!
MEDITERRANEAN DAILY SEEKS AN ASSISTANT EDITOR! Very high paying! Excellent promotional position! No prior experience necessary!
HONOR, GLORY, NOBILITY, AND WEALTH BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS! All this and more can be yours as a soldier for the Achian Army at Troy!

Century -21 Realty
Doric Architecture Associates
Ionic Architecture Associates
Corinthian Architecture Associates
Betty Crocker's No-Bake Ambrosia Cheesecake
Golden Apples and other Practical Party Pranks
Hyacinthus Floral Member FTD
Atena Life Insurance
Mercury Messenger Service
Swindler Used Transportation
Jupiter Psychic Certified professional psychics for all your paranormal needs!
Tropic Design Group: Who are these guys?
Microsoft WindowsBC
Zeus Airlines


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