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Engagements and Marriages
Just Married: Prince Menelaos of Greece and Princess Helen from the Kingdom of Tyndareus. Menelaos enjoys hunting, chariot racing, and playing catch with his dogs in the yard. His new wife enjoys shopping, testing mirrors, and birdwatching. Together this new royal couple will rule Sparta after a two week honeymoon on Crete! Congratulations!
Just Married: Prince Paris and and Helen! Prince Paris enjoys herding sheep, playing paddleball, and making decisions without any thought of the consequences. His new wife likes riches, calling for help, and being a damsel in distress. They have no honeymoon plans as of yet because they are under siege by the entire Greek army, who demands her return! Congratulations!
Engaged: Cupid and Psyche! Cupid enjoys making people fall in love, shooting arrows at unsuspecting victims, and being transparent! His beautiful fiancee likes picking flowers, flinging her hair, and gazing dreamily. The wedding date has not yet been set. Congratulations!
Engaged: Pyramus and Thisbe! Pyramus and Thisbe, of Babylon, live next door to each other. Pyramus likes talking on the grapevine and gazing at stars. Thisbe likes much the same. The wedding is pending their parents' approval. Congratulations!
Phaethon son of Helios! Over the past few years quite a few of you people have doubted that I, Phaethon, am the son of Helios. Well, I am. You were wrong! Just to prove it, I will be driving my father's sun chariot across the sky tomorrow. Have a nice day! That's Great!

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