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Trojan War Dilutes Society
Dear Editor,
I am writing today to express my opinion on an issue that has been shelved for the last eight years but still does not go away: The Trojan War. As you are well aware, our finest Greek soldiers have been fighting in a war with the Trojans for quite a long time. Today we almost take this for granted! Every day hundreds of our finest brave young men are mercilessly slaughtered by the finest brave young Trojans, and vice versa! This news does not even make the headlines of Mediterranean Daily! Our society is being lowered to the level of accepting this continual brutal death and violence as part of everyday life!

In my day, people enjoyed living. Now all of our resources are put into the war effort, a war that most citizens do not know why we are fighting. If this were a democratic society, I would definitely petition the government for a review of the causes leading up to this war. Unfortunately, our kings are also involved in the war!

We all need to consider why we support our country in this military conflict. I am the very first person to stand behing our lord and king, but I do not believe this war can ever be productive. Its cause, if any of you remember, (and studies show that 65% of you don't) was the abduction of Helen. Let her go, I say! One little woman is not worth my sons, your sons, and everybody else's sons! Write to the Royal Palace now to stop this madness!
John E. FitzPatrick

Student Requests Information
Dear Editor:
Hello. I am a sixth grader at Corinthian Elementary School in Athens. My class is preparing reports on newspaper publishing. Could you please send me more information about how you print your newspaper on the World Wide Web?
Sally Smith

Hercules A Menace
To The Editor,
I am apalled at the recent ruling concerning Hercules' murder of his wife and children. Temporary insanity, indeed! That man has always been crazy and this ruling demonstrates the frailty and corruption in our legal system.
Rene Descartes

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