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Wedding Bell Blues
Dear Ann,
My fiancee "Peleus" and I are planning our June wedding. We've invited thousands of people and hundreds of gods and goddesses to join us at the Temple of Venus in the Cretain Tropical Vacation Resort. Everything is coming along smoothly. My beautiful dress, fashioned by Aphrodite of the House of Mount Olympus features a full train and caboose of sweetheart roses. After the ceremony, we will dine on rack of goat, succlent ambrosia, topped off with Betty Crocker's No-Bake Ambrosia Cheesecake.

The problem is my future mother-in-law's sister, "Disorder." Nobody likes her because she has a very bad, annoying attitude. When she is around, no one has a good time. Peleus refuses to tell his mother that Disorder cannot come--the big wimp! Should I put my foot down now before the wedding and let my feelings be known, or should I be forced to suffer on my wedding day?
-Weeding Bell Blues Thetis

Dear WBB:
You are not the first person to write about "Disorder." It's your wedding and you don't have to invite her! All the other guests will have a much better time without her. Leave the sour puss home, but don't expect any golden apples!

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