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Olon Coluphid's Trilogy of Philosophical Blockbusters
Send Critics Ranting and Raving

HEADLINE NEWS Minotaur Defeated
Athenians rejoice return of Theseus despite loss of king

Golden Fleece Stolen
Fugitive Jason steals Golden Fleece and flees by sea

Paris Abducts Helen
King Menelaos demands her return, Priam encourages Paris to surrender

Legal Battle of the Century
NOW files class action lawsuit against Zeus for negligence

Hercules Acquitted
Hero ruled temporarilay insane in multiple murders

OPINION Letters To The Editor
Express your opinion

Ann Landers
Ann's advice for "Wedding Bell Blues"

Guest Opinion: Narcissus
An artistic depiction of Narcissus' Folly

Guest Opinion: Perseus Rangers Action Figures
Guest opinion of the merchandising scam of the century

Patroclos' Funeral Games
Achilles conducts games to honor Patroclos

Atalanta Defeated
Melanion's trickery costs Atalanta the race

CIVILIZATION TODAY Agriculture Seminar at Eleusis
Demeter personally conducting agricultural training during four day conference

Mrs. Betty Crocker's No Bake Ambrosia Cheesecake
A treat for the god in all of us

Divine Comics from Gary Larson's Pre-Historic Far-Side Collection.

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