Hercules Ruled Temporarialy Insane In Multiple Murder Case

Thebes (MP)--The gallant hero Hercules was acquitted of all charges of murder brought against him by the Greek Department of Justice today in a monumental court decision. As determined by a jury of the people, Hercules was not responsible for the death of his wife and three children at his hand because his temporary moment of insanity was induced by Hera, an external force.

"This decision renews my faith in the modern trial by jury system," Hercules' friend Amphityron stated. "As I said in the first place, Hercules' fit of anger was caused by none other than Hercules's long time enemy Hera, queen of the gods. The decision of the jury to place the blame for this atrocity on the individual responsible--Hera--instead of the real victim--Hercules-- definitely reassures me that the people really care about each other and society as a whole."

Hercules, however, was not as pleased. "I still feel like scum." Hercules is seeking the advice of Eurystheus for a means to stop his guilt. Eurystheus stated that he plans on having Hercules perform twelve impossible tasks that will both clean Hercules' soul and help the Mycenaen kingdom. "I deeply respect Hercules and the situation he is in," Eurystheus said. "That one man can feel so guilty over horrible deeds caused by someone else and keep trying to make amends is very impressive."

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