King Menalaos Demands Helen -- Threatens War

SPARTA (MP)--In a suprising turn of character today, the almost unknown Trojan prince Paris kidnapped Menelaus' new wife Helen. This simple act to attract attention could cause more trouble for Troy than Paris realizes.

Helen, the daughter of Zeus and Leda, was wed to Melelaus after all of her other suitors signed a nonagression contract with her stepfather King Tyndareus. (The King was worried that a disappointed suitor would take Helen and his kingdom by force.) This contract specifically states that all suitors must assist Helen's new husband in the event that "any individual or entity abducts, kidnaps, or in any way or form reposseses Helen in a manner not explicitly allowed as stated in this contract."

Paris does not consider the contract a problem. "Do you actually think anyone reads the fine print? Besides, Helen was promised to me by Aphrodite personally." Paris has officially asked for political asylum in his home town of Troy. His father, King Priam, was not pleased with his son's arrival with Helen, nor was Priam's son Hector. "That idiot! I just knew that he would do something we'll all regret and then bring it home with him!" Priam added, "I really hope we can talk this out and have Paris return Helen. I don't want any hard feelings between Troy and Greece.


King Menelaos of Greece, however, was not quite as calm. He has already summoned his brother, King Agamemnon, and several kings from neighboring political subdivisions to uphold the contract. "Paris will give Helen back to me now, along with everything else he stole from my home while I was away! If he does not cooperate fully, believe me, heads will roll!

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